Friday, 9 February 2018

Astronomy Session – The Sun 9/2

A few of the Astronomy juniors presented about the sun today and it was quite engaging and knowledgeable. They talked about the basic details of the sun such as the formation, composition, atmosphere, structure and the orbit!
Image result for composition of the sun

They ended off the session with a traditional kahoot game which is what every Astronomy member looks forward to at the end of every Astronomy session. 

Visit to Raffles Institution 5/9

Our club went to Raffles Institution, located in Bishan for a mini exchange programme where we did a stargazing activity later that night along with the other members there.

We had an overall fun time with the other Astronomy members from RI.

2016 Mersing GCP Trip

Two years ago, I went on an educational trip to a town in our neighbouring country, Mersing, Malaysia. And had star gazing activities on 2 of the nights there. Since the light pollution there is a lot lesser than Singapore, the stars plastered on the night sky were very clear. 

(photo taken by Astronomy member, Andrea Neo using her camera with long exposure and editing)

At night, we also had a movie screening of 'The Martian' where we spotted the scientific mistakes made in the movie.